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The bespoke design and manufacture of stillages, at our Cardiff factory           

At RentalSpec Ltd we always try and spend time with a customer so that we understand what their unique demands are for a stillage design and manbufacture project. Bespoke, or made to measure, stillages are often difficult to visualise, and so we would draw up the designs on our CAD system prior to building prototypes of the desired bespoke stillages or cages. This can save time and money, and it allows changes to be made quickly and easily prior to production. 02920 450 128


Introduction to stillages

Stillages, pallets and cages are vital pieces of equipment in factories and warehouses, as part of a distribution network. Made to measure warehouse stillages save space on the factory floor, allowing stackable stillages to utilise the vertical height of warehouses. Vertical storage reduces the cost per square foot of your factory, by storing multiple stillages one on top of the other.

Bespoke stillages, designed to suit individual products, mean that the maximum load desired can be stored and moved safely around factories and warehouses. Stillages with dunnage made of foam or soft polyurethane can protect those parts being stored from being scratched or damaged. One of the most expensive hidden costs in manufacturing is the cost of delivering finished products from the factory to the customer. This can greatly affect the chances of getting a contract, or may reduce the margins in the product if you can’t deliver the goods efficiently, safely, and economically.

Custom designed stillages can reduce the damage during transit as the stillages or cages will protect the goods from damage. Designing returnable stillages, nestable stillages, or demountable stillages - to enable empty stillages to be returned to the factory for reuse - is vital as part of a supply chain.

Stillages are a vital asset that should be reused time and time again, reducing packaging materials like cardboard and shrink wrap, which are expensive to buy, use and dispose of.

Tyre Stillage

The tyre stillages shown here were made to measure to suit a specific diameter of tyre. These stillages had fixed sides, though it is possible to design stillages with folding uprights that enable the stillages to take up less space when be shipped or stored empty.




Parcel stillages

Parcel stillages or parcel cages can either be mobile (on castors) or static using a base designed for use with a fork truck. Parcel stillages or cages can be full security spec to protect valuable goods, or open for fast trunking of products between vehicles or between depots and Central Distribution Centres.



Folding Bulk Stillages

This stillage was designed to ship car parts between the Midlands and France. The double doors at the front of the transportation cage were designed to allow easy access for loading and unloading. The cages were designed to fold down flat when not being used, and were sized to suit the product, but also to maximise the amount of empty stillages that were transported back to be reused.

Glass Stillages

Glass stillages can be made to be mobile or static. The angle that the glass is stored is critical to reduce the pressure on the glass panes. Glass is often described as a “ dead weight “, and glass stillages and glass trolleys need to be built to protect the glass from damage when being moved with fork trucks or on lorries.



Waste Stillages

Stillages and cages come in all different sizes, and are often made to measure to suit the products that are being moved or stored. This waste stillage was designed to take 3000 mm long off cuts of corrugated plastic sheets ready for recycling, The stillages were designed to be stacked five high when fully loaded, which save a huge amount of factory floor space.

Drop Down Stillages

This special stillage was designed so that the contents could be accessed in an area with restricted space and there were concerns about gates or half-drop sides swinging outside the of the outer perimeter of the cage. The bespoke stillage had a simple but ingenious method of retaining the bars, so that they can drop into the base



Budget stillages

We manufacture a range of budget stillages using mesh, and expanded metal that can be used for general applications. We try and use only 50 x 50 x 4 mesh on products we make as it is much stronger than 3 mm welded mesh.

Security Stillages and cages

We manufacture and design security cages for moving and storing high value goods, from mobile phones to cash and coins. Security for a cage usually comes down to reducing the opportunity for theft, and deterring a casual theft. We can incorporate tracking systems as well as high security locks to the cages we make.



 Transport stillages
 Galvanised stillages made to measure.  


Made to measure stillages can be manufactured from stainless steel or aluminium to suit the application or environment that they are being used in.

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Roll cages







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